Fetisch Park

CARLA SUBITO (composer)

(born 1965 in Olpe / Germany)

1980-1987 apprenticed to a church organist

1987 commenced composing with electronic instruments

1988-1990 Radio concerts in Berlin with Johannes Schmoelling (Ex TANGERINE DREAM)

1989 Founded FETISCH PARK with Marlon Shy

1991 Worked with the Electronic Studio, Cologne (Director: Hans Ulrich Humpert)

1991 on… Video soundtracks and sound installations as FETISCH PARK in Germany, Netherlands, Bombay / India and Bangkok / Thailand.

MARLON SHY (painter, writer, photographer, video artist)

(born 1956 in Olpe / Germany)

Marlon Shy has travelled for many years in Africa, where she spent some time during her childhood, as well as travelling in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Himalayas and India, where the idea developed for a sound research project involving Indian and German musicians.

1972-1974 Studied traditional painting at the Institut National Superior des Beaux Arts in Abidjan / Ivory Coast (Africa).

1978-1979 Assistant to Hollywood Director Peter Bogdanovich in Singapore and Los Angeles. Further work in the film industry as production assistant, make-up artists, actress and director in Los Angeles and Munich.

1981-1983 Travelled through North Africa, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

1985-1987 Studio in Berlin.

1987-1989 Studio in Hamburg; first exhibition of her paintings and objects.

1983-1994 Travelled through India, Thailand and Nepal to study the social background of the women, focussing on understanding their religion and sexuality.

1995 on… Producing videos and books as FETISCH PARK