John Rodgers

JOHN RODGERS ( Violinist, improviser, composer.)

– B. Mus. (Qld. Conservatorium of Music ) studying violin under John Curro

– Was the leader of the Australian Youth Orchestra, the Qld. Theatre Orchestra, and the Hunter Orchestra. With these and other orchestras, he has toured Europe and Asia, often appearing as a soloist.

– He is a member of the jazz-inspired ensembles The Australian Art Orchestra, Artisans Workshop, Loops and the Trevor Hart Quartet.

– He is also a member of the new music ensemble Bark, has worked in 1997 with Pevehelion and is to work with Elision.

– He has composed for Bark, Pevehelion, Loops, Artisans Workshop and the Australian Art Orchestra. He is currently composing for Elision.

– He has composed extensively for theatre, working for The QTC, MTC, Company B, and Liz Navratil Productions.

– He is a member of the controversial and prosecuted rock band Madam Bones Brothel.

– He appeared as improvising soloist with Penny Arcade at the Vienna Festival in 1996.

– He is a member of Robyn Archer’s band. (Bogota Festival 1996, Melbourne International Festival 1997)