Stefan Tischler

From 1981 to 1984, cofounded and performed with PORT SAID, the electric-acoustic/percussion duo. From 1984 to 1989, produced the Cinematic Series, five potential movie soundtracks. Currently producing a series of works which appeal directly to the listener’s bio-political consciousness.


“Excess of Free Speech” (C.D. release1992)


Cinematic Series

“Sultan in Oman” (with Joe Zeytoonian) (1984)

“In Florette’s Room” (1985) (L.P. release 1989)

“Invisible Cities” (1986)

“The Blue Pill” (1988)

“City of Dark” (1988)

“Searchlight & Torch” (with Tara Cross) (cassette release 1984)

“Gorgons & Gargoyles” (with Blair Petrie) (cassette release 1988)


PORT SAID (with Keith Keeler Walsh)

“Indian Ocean, Voyage 2/Trail of the Sphinx” (7″ release 1981)

“Through Veils” (cassette release 1982)

“Eve of Departure” (cassette release 1983)

“Crossings” (with Anton Tibbe) (cassette release 1983)

“Traveller’s Companion” (cassette release 1984)

“In all my works I strive to combine the cerebal with the aesthetic, the musical with the non-musical, the surreal with the organic. I employ my imagination and intuition to explore new compositional techniques in the hope of revealing fresh sonic terrain.” — Stefan Tischler