XCD-027 Vidna Obmana – The Spiritual Bonding

VIDNA OBMANA returns to Extreme with “The Spiritual Bonding”, exploring the musical and spiritual dimensions that are a part of his life. There is a powerful and positive direction in these all new recordings, a distinct voice and character.

Through VIDNA OBMANA’s growing friendship with American composer STEVE ROACH, the opportunity arose to create and record a new VIDNA OBMANA album in Steve Roach’s Timeroom Studio in Arizona.

It all became more than just a recording at the Timeroom. STEVE ROACH became the album’s producer. The various source recordings were prepared in VIDNA OBMANA’s Belgium Studio and numerous internationally recognised musicians were invited to contribute. With the understanding that only VIDNA OBMANA and STEVE ROACH would be present during the final recording, Belgian musician and frequent participant DJEN AJAKAN SHEAN supplied two of his rhythm sources, American composer ROBERT RICH some flute and rhythm sources, for which he’s famous, and from Italy ALIO DIE recorded a dynamic ‘looped’ sound sculpture. It was this combination of collaboration and support that led to the album title, “The Spiritual Bonding”.

In the words of VIDNA OBMANA:-“Being introduced to the breathtaking character of the Arizona desert was magic. The Sonoran desert, a vista of plains and mountains, foothills and valleys and the all-too-human Saguaro cactus, inspiring wild and fanciful thoughts. The Timeroom, looking out into this desert landscape, was perfect for witnessing the changing scenery and linking “The Spiritual Bonding” with the environment.

The music captured the essence of how the album needed to evolve and made it an artistic challenge for me to incorporate all pieces into a whole, being greater than the sum of the parts. “The Spiritual Bonding” became my most diverse album to date. All of this was brought together in collaboration with Steve Roach.

“The Spiritual Bonding” was constructed as a pyramid, from ascension to descension, with the title track becoming the pinnacle. This piece was left to the end of the recording, gaining from the experience and growth of the previous recordings. Steve Roach, in his role as a producer, not only provided musical support but a spiritual support that set the stage for the whole event.”