XCD-033 Groovy – Groovy

GROOVY is set to excite lovers of ’70s disco, space music and acid-jazz and is also just as likely to disturb the purists with their antics. GROOVY features the talented Dan Burke, from Illusion Of Safety, with vocals by Layna B. and featuring Thymme Jones on trumpet.

This progressive space music is similar to acid-jazz but has a strong ’70s disco feel to it. Lots of fun space sounds, sensuous grooves and some sweet vocals by Layna B. add up to a humorous and groovy time!

GROOVY’s self-titled album, subtitled “the rebirth of retro-cool”, will provide further enjoyment for those craving something with a difference. GROOVY is an irreverent and futuristic look at retro music.

Liner Notes

1. Inclimate [7:23]

2. Expanding [5:00]

3. Inventing Zeros [6:56]

4. IDOL [12:36]

5. Physical Plane [5:00]

6. Through The Cracks [10:33]

7. Exit Visa [4:52]

All music composed, produced and performed by Dan Burke.

Thanks to Layna B. for vocals and Thymme Jones for trumpets.

Cover Image by Doriana Corda

(c) & (p) EXTREME 1995. (c) & (p) 1994 Finite Material Context (BMI)