XCD-039 Skuli Sverrisson – Seremonie

“Seremonie” is the debut solo release of Icelandic musician Skuli Sverrisson. “Seremonie” is also a unique recording in that it is created exclusively using bass guitar. It is a dynamic and soaring soundscape that traverses sonic forms with grace and style.

Sverrisson’s virtuosity on the bass guitar has long been a part of MO BOMA and THE ALLAN HOLDSWORTH BAND and as a 22 year old in the Jazz group FULL CIRCLE. With this heritage, SVERRISSON turns the practice of bass guitar as anchor on its head by delivering every sound on the album from an array of bass and prepared bass guitars. The possibilities displayed on “Seremonie” are enormous and demonstrate a commitment to experimentation in instrumentation and composition.

His Icelandic origins also play a part in the sounds and compositions, coming from a country that is noted for its novel ways of approaching music. It must have something to do with the weather and the lifestyle. Fellow Icelandic artist BJORK has already made her mark on the world. With “Seremonie”, Sverrisson has developed his own personal musical expression.

There is a chance you will find some traditional bass playing on this album but then the music will transform into a multilevel hybrid that shimmers and sings. “Seremonie” is a futuristic soundscape. We invite you to participate in the discovery.

Liner Notes

1. Watching water [6:07]

2. Still [8:23]

3. Org [2:36]

4. Surviving memory [5:23]

5. The rain is not a metaphor [5:12]

6. Hymnodia [4:44]

7. Crash frozen [3:27]

8. Blind spot [6:46]

9. ëAn [2:38]

Skuli Sverrisson: electric bass guitars.

All music composed and produced by Skuli Sverrisson in New York 1996.

Mixed by Skuli and Thor Jonsson.

Mastered by Thor Jonsson.

Cover art by Doriana Corda.