XCD-065 Terminal Sound System – Constructing Towers

“Constructing Towers” stands tall as another amazing chapter in the merger of electronica and rock music. Terminal Sound System, aka Skye Klein of HALO, has embraced these genres whole heartedly, bringing the best of both worlds to a euphoric crescendo.

If you think that bringing together electronica and rock is the same as adding hip hop to pop with the ubiquitous turntable scratching then think again. Electronica is about the sonic possibilities and rock music is about the power. This is a far greater challenge and one that Terminal Sound System has taken on with gusto.

What is so refreshing is the sheer joy of the music. The passion and the excitement shine through. “Constructing Towers” is borne of a musician who loves music.

“Constructing Towers” is an inspired, assured and astounding musical journey. Picking up where 2007’s Compressor left off, Drum’n’Bass scatterings rub shoulders with heavyweight doom metal riffage, electronic jazz shades and latent IDM tweakage cozy up to epic shoegazing post-post-rock extravagance and expansive filmic cues, all the while holding true to a newfound love of The Perfect Riff.

Every moment, every style, every sound, just works seamlessly. All of the parts are great and the sum is even more.

A further wonderful aspect to this album is that “Constructing Towers” embodies the live sound of Terminal Sound System. This is something worth capturing, worth hearing and worth experiencing again and again.

Music should move you and “Constructing Towers” does this with an inventive and exciting flair!

Liner Notes

Written & produced by s.klein. Created at (i)=x, Melbourne Australia, 2007-08.