XDVD-002 Dario Buccino – Corpo Nostro

“Corpo Nostro” is a complete experience! DARIO BUCCINO delivers to the world a creation that is so exciting, so innovative and so well resolved that it seems he has been doing this for years.

The truth is he has been doing this for years and in his native Italy he is already an underground phenomenon. For more than a decade, BUCCINO has left his mark on all those who have experienced his music and his performance.

As the “Corpo Nostro” DVD shows, BUCCINO is an artist who can mingle with the people or discuss with the academics and at all times communicate his unique vision. True to his roots, he is an artist with passion. BUCCINO is wonderfully animated and is capable of getting across dense ideas with a Mediterranean flair. He is genuinely excited about what he does, and excited about getting you excited about what he does.

To quote BUCCINO; “If music doesn’t excite and numb, it’s not music. The power of music is its ability to make this happen. Music that doesn’t work on excitement and numbness is like an erotic encounter that doesn’t truly excite and numb…“

The DVD starts with a festival performance. The documentary and interviews are interspersed with a remarkable display of steel sheet busking. It takes him out of the academic and classical performance realm and shows you that reduced to a swing-set and a throw rug, he can still communicate his ideas and passion to people, of all ages, in the street. BUCCINO is very personable, very human and very entertaining.

The DVD ends with a very different performance; like a pagan ritual in the catacombs. Gorgeous, voluptuous, Roman women play BUCCINO’s compositions with a similar passion and sensuality. This is not some simplistic testosterone fueled banging on sheet metal.

When you have seen the DVD you are ready to look further into the World of DARIO BUCCINO. The Sistema HN CD, “Ero già a me no.44”, captures the listening experience to perfection. The DVD/CD pack forms a carefully curated mini-program, with all your questions answered. It is a perfect taster for a new audience and a tiny treasury for fans. Between the video performance segments and the running times of the CD tracks, there’s a BUCCINO experience for every mood from symphony to pop song length grabs.

“Corpo Nostro” is a breath of fresh air for contemporary music and artistic expression.