XLTD-001 Robert Rich – Trances/Drones

Recorded in 1983, Trances and Drones reveal the slower, more meditative side of Robert’s music.

This pair of albums may be among the most intensely purposeful of Robert’s releases, reflecting a purely contemplative almost esoteric approach to trance music. It may surprise you to learn that at the time Robert recorded these albums, he considered them to be relatively “active” compared to his prior work.

The music fares well in direct comparison to the best of current ambient, trance and isolationist recording styles and is an influential document within the genre.

This double CD release, previously only available on tape and containing bonus material, has been anxiously anticipated by fans of deep space music and others familiar with his acclaimed HEARTS OF SPACE releases. Sunyata, a tape long since out of print and now with the re-mastered title track on this CD set, reveals Robert in slow-motion.

Trances / Drones is a worthy addition to Robert’s notable discography.