XLTD-008 Merzbow / Woodward – Merzbook

The complete biography of MERZBOW, a book of over 100 pages written by music author Brett Woodward. One of the features of the book is testimonials from musicians who have been inspired by MERZBOW: Jim O’Rourke, Damion Romero, Achim Wollscheid and Eugene Thacker. In addition, Seymour Glass, editor of Bananafish, contributes a resounding endorsement of MERZBOW’s talent. The book incorporates over 100 full colour images by MERZBOW.

The CD-ROM, also included in the MERZBOOK, was created by notorious Melbourne multi-media designer Troy Innocent. It serves as both a document and an interactive journey into chaos. The CD-ROM includes bonus video footage, images and sound works.

ISBN 0-957-77091-X