Mo Boma


Composer, multi-instrumentalist from Germany.

Attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, U.S.A., completing a B.A. in composition. Studies included classical compositional structures and assimilation of the musical cultures of Central and West Africa, Java/Bali, Karnatic (South Indian) Music and North Indian tala (rhythmic structure); and performance and composition in contemporary music (rock, funk, fusion, bebop etc.). Improvisational skills developed on various instruments; drum set, mallet instruments and keyboard, North Indian percussion, Hadgini clay drum, guitar and mbira. Further work in the use of digital sound sources and various signal processing techniques and experimentation with MIDI systems.


Richard Levy Award in recognition of outstanding musicianship, 1988 – composition for the Horn Sextet of the Boston Opera.

Berklee College Award for Composition – “Monzoli”, based on a pygmy vocal line.


U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble, “1939” 1988-1989; bow chimes and amplified bayan/tabla.

Robert Rutman, “Big Waves” 1993; bow chimes.


Bassist from Iceland recorded his first album with his group PAX VOBIS in 1984, followed by years of extensive work, appearing on over 30 albums. Working with composer/trumpeter Leo Smith opened up new ideas in improvisation and inspired Sverrisson to go abroad and study composition and improvised music.

In 1987 Sverrisson attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where he received his B.M. degree. During that time he quickly became a first-call bassist in the music scene performing with several notable artists such as Bob Moses, Danilo Perez, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Mino Cinelu and started his ongoing collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Carsten Tiedemann.

In 1989 he joined Sony recording artists FULL CIRCLE and recorded with them the critically acclaimed album “Secret Stories”, voted best jazz album at the Boston Music Awards, and has toured with them in both Europe and U.S.A.

For the last four years Sverrisson has been living in New York, where he has been active in the New Music Scene performing with Arto Lindsay, Nana Vasconselos, John Lurie and recording with acclaimed producer Peter Scherer.

In 1991 Sverrisson joined the Allan Holdsworth band and has since toured Europe, U.S.A., South America, Japan and Australia. Sverrisson also appears on the release, “Hard Hat Area”, with the Allan Holdsworth Band.


Synthesizer – (Kansas City, Missouri) Recently teacher in the Music Synthesis Department at Berklee and conducts the Festival Jazz Ensemble at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has studied with Charles Banacos, Donald Brown and Lyle Mays. He has toured the Caribbean(1987) and France(1991) with NIGHT DIVE, Italy(1989,1990) with PILI PILI, Japan(1987-1990) with NEW SOUND WORKSHOP, and Norway(1991) with THE MATHISEN/SHARIFI THANG. He has performed and/or recorded with Herb Pomeroy, Bob Moses, Omar Hakim, Darryl Jones, Mike Stern, Hiram Bullock, Mino Cinelu, John Lurie, Phyllis Hyman, Michael Gibbs, Abraham Laboriel, Tiger Okoshi, Steve Logan, and currently co-leads OYIE with Benjamin Wittman and THE MATHISEN/SHARIFI THANG with Ole Mathisen.


Outstanding Performance Award, Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz Festival, 1983(as pianist)

and 1991(as Music Director) with MIT Jazz Ensemble.

Count Basie Award, Berklee College of Music, 1985

Outstanding Performance Award, Boston U. Jazz Festival, 1988-1990, 1992 (w/MIT)

Layla and Jerome B. Wiesner Award, MIT, 1991 (w/MIT)


Toshihiko Kankawa, “Kankawa”, 1992; producer, synthesizer, sequencing, composer

Arida Conta, “Arida Conta”, Muse, 1992; producer, synthesizer, sequencing

Bruno Raberg, “Bruno Raberg Group”, Boston Skyline, 1992; piano, synthesizer

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, “Go On”, Jamit, 1992; producer, music director, composer

Nando Lauria, Narada, 1992; synthesizer

Michael Gibbs, “Iron and Silk”, Mute, 1991; synthesizer, sequencing

MIT FJE, “MIT FJE”, Jamit, 1990; producer, music director, composer

New Sound Workshop, “Close Together”, M.MC.Bee, 1989; synthesizer, producer, composer

Full Circle, “Full Circle” & “Myth America”, CBS, 1986 & 1988; synthesizer programming


“Iron and Silk”, Sun Productions, w/Michael Gibbs; synthesizer, sequencing

“First Love, Second Chance”, Little Italy Productions, w/M. Gibbs; synthesizer, sequencing

“Hard-Boiled”, Milestone Productions, w/M.Gibbs; synthesizer, co-arranger, sequencing