XCD-035 Mo Boma – Myths of the Near Future Part 3

MO BOMA continue their musical journey with “”Myths of the Near Future””, part three. This is the final in a trilogy of releases that meld world music with jazz, ambient with improvisation.

Since the release of “Jijimuge”, their critically acclaimed debut, Carsten Tiedemann spent many months in Africa, continuing to explore the music and culture of the vibrant and diverse countries there. Tiedemann’s travels through Africa, Germany, North and South America, have added to the palette of sounds, instruments and musical possibilities, departing from conventional forms. In addition to this, “Myths of the Near Future” seeks to bring respect and awareness to the music and people that are a catalyst for the eclectic and worldly vision of MO BOMA.

Skuli Sverrisson, originally from Iceland and now living in New York, also an active member of the Allan Holdsworth Band, is a founding member of MO BOMA. Sverrisson plays the electric bass that often underpins the songs. His musicianship shows the jazz origins and adventurous style of the group, where a fretless solo with a shift program will make you think you’re hearing voices or steel drums. Synthesist Jamshied Sharifi, also currently based in New York, has continued his contribution to the group with subtle and astute additions to the soundscape.

“Myths of the Near Future”, part three, takes place in a darker more exotic land. The jungles hide the unknown and the sun decends below the tree tops. Trans-cultural and trans-technological, an instinctive interplay in non-stylised improvisation, creating a music that is both futuristic and organic.

Liner Notes

1. Water Baka [4:20]

2. Whirl C.S. [3:45]

3. Dreaming Weavers [2:58]

4. Secret Cargoes [3:52]

5. The Crystal World C.S. [4:00]

6. Day Of Forever [2:15]

7. Memories Of The Space Age [4:58]

8. Sannin Bayashi [2:23]

9. Three Beaches C.S. [5:55]

Quartz – Vermillion Sands – Blacksand Beach

10. Molimo C.S. [5:55]


“Myths Of The Near Future” and the names of several titles are works written by J.G. Ballard.

Carsten Tiedemann: percussion, electric and ebow guitar, african lute and sanza, sythesizer (9, 10), central african voices and forest sounds and processing.

Skuli Sverrisson: bass guitars

Jamshied Sharifi: synthesizer

Field recordings by Georges Arrigoni, Ruth Happel, Simha Arom and Patrick Renaud.

Thanks to Chris & Klaus, Christian Eberhard, Roger Richards, Werner Gierig, Tota and Miyuki.

All music by MO BOMA

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Carsten Tiedemann

Additional engineering by Jamsheid Sharifi and Skuli Sverrisson

Recorded January to September 1993 in Witbank and Johannesberg (South Africa), Erlangen (Germany), and New York City

Cover Art: “Trocito de Eternidad” by SILKE

(c) EXTREME 1996. Extreme Graphics. Kanji by Nishikawa Yoshie.