David Thrussell is a musician, remixer, producer and DJ based in Melbourne, Australia. Thrussell has lent his remixing and producing talents to numerous projects, including the “Infidel” EP by MUSLIMGAUZE, on EXTREME, and tracks for NOT DROWNING, WAVING and TISM.

Thrussell’s musical influences include Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, Lustmord, Andrew McKenzie, Gyorgy Ligeti, Wendy Carlos, Ennio Morricone and Lee Hazelwood. David Thrussell is perhaps best known as the central member of Melbourne based SNOG. SNOG’s subversive blend of industrial and techno has gathered considerable attention around the globe. SOMA has become Thrussell’s ‘other’ project, having gained considerable attention throughout the world with their debut EXTREME release, “Hollow Earth”. The follow-up release, “The Inner Cinema”, provides a further insight into the cinematic SOMA experience.

BLACK LUNG is Thrussell’s active solo project. BLACK LUNG is an experimental combination of electro-techno and industrial ambience. There are several albums and numerous EP releases to date. Thrussell’s eclectic taste and ability to juxtapose contrasting musical styles makes him a popular DJ in Australia. He has also taken his DJ skills to audiences throughout the world.


Pieter Bourke is an Australian songwriter, keyboardist and percussionist who commenced his musical career in the Melbourne band EDEN. EDEN’s release “Gateway to the Mysteries”, released on Third Mind Records, captured listeners attention in Australia, Europe and North America.

Bourke began collaborating with fellow SOMA founder David Thrussell in 1993 when remixing an EDEN track. An intense year of writing and recording together produced SNOG’s “Dear Valued Customer” and SOMA’s “Hollow Earth”. Bourke left EDEN in 1994.

In 1993, Bourke also began collaborating with Australian singer/songwriter Lisa Gerrard of the internationally renowned band DEAD CAN DANCE. Pieter played keyboards and percussion on Gerrard’s 1994 solo album, “The Mirror Pool”. He regularly performed with Gerrard, both live and in the studio, and traversed the northern hemisphere with Gerrard on the “Mirror Pool” tour in 1995.

In 1996, Bourke performed as a percussionist on the DEAD CAN DANCE worldwide “Spiritchaser” tour. Pieter Bourke collaborated with Lisa Gerrard and the resulting album “Duality” was released on 4AD in 1998.