XCD-028 Soma – Hollow Earth

“What if KRAFTWERK had begun not in 1970, but today, with all of our current technology? What would they sound like? The answer to that is SOMA!!” – Dave Thompson, ALTERNATIVE PRESS.

SOMA is a diverse amalgamation of seemingly incompatible yet consumer friendly techno / reggae / digital / Spaghetti Western / wimpy ambient / analog / industrial / new age / organic / zippy / flaky influences. “Hollow Earth” has 13 tracks, is over 74 minutes in duration and sounds savagely contemporary.

SOMA secretly likes to be different.

SOMA is a collaboration between David Thrussell and Pieter Bourke of Australian obscurities and international neophytes SNOG and BLACK LUNG.

SOMA has been described as:-

“Engrossing, dazzling in its scope and perhaps the most fully realised pastiche of dramatic experimental ethno-funk to come down the pike yet, SOMA is the ideal prescription for whiling away time late at night during a full moon in the Interzone” – Darren Bergstein, I/E;

“Like KRAFTWERK before them, SOMA relentlessly experiment with sound, but like the best of KRAFTWERK (say Man Machine-era), it is instantly accessible. SOMA is the electronic music of the future.” – Dave Thompson, ALTERNATIVE PRESS.

Liner Notes

1. Soil Theme [4:26]

2. Soma Romanz [7:59]

3. Sleepwalker [6:05]

4. Nightsoil [4:52]

5. Corporate Anthem Part 1 [4:37]

6. God Sends the Meat and the Devil Cooks [4:10]

7. Corporate Anthem Part 2 [3:22]

8. Dark Koma [6:06]

9. The Subterranean [4:15]

10. The Black Lodge [6:02]

11. Soma Romanz (clovus) [6:16]

12. Nowhere Nothin’ Fuck Up [3:40]

13. Hollow Earth [12:13]

Formed and Deformed in THE CRYPT & AREA 51, 1993/94.

Musik Data by Pieter Bourke & David Thrussell.

Thanks to Valerie, Jules, Julianna, Jolly Roger & Admiral Bird.

No Thanks to NASA for pulling the plug.

All tracks digitally mastered by David Thrussell and Rick O’Neil at APOCALYPSE.

Published by Polygram Music.